A letter from the director...

Looking back at the past year, I am humbled and proud of the success Kids Lacrosse the World was able to achieve. We saw major triumphs that spiked our energy and kept the team’s momentum, as well as tribulations, as any non-profit has to endure. However, we endured it all together and have accomplished more than we ever thought we could in a single year.

Things truly came full circle at Kids Lacrosse The World when we suddenly realized just how impactful it is to bring happiness and hope to those who need it most. Our summer was busy - getting the lacrosse program off the ground in Kenya and strengthening the student based organization in Malaysian Borneo. With a furious pace things were becoming more serious and our impact ever so profound on the students and communities our programs serve.

I began to view success differently when I heard the feedback from our full day lacrosse festival in Busia, Kenya that entailed food, lacrosse demonstrations, honoring ceremonies, educational activities, and an entire school dancing to the cupid shuffle. When I got into the car to drive back to the city of Kota Kinabalu to fly back to Denver after two weeks in Malaysian Borneo I was stopped just short of the school entrance by a group of our student lacrosse players making a human wall. They were jumping with joy and cheering to wish us a bon farewell, but some still had the tears in their eyes because the lacrosse camp was over.

My drive has never been stronger to enrich the lives of our students through empowering and educating them, giving hope and providing a new activity that stimulates their physical and mental capacity. I plan to continue growing our programs in Kenya and Malaysian Borneo with the hopes of creating a haven of hope and happiness that our schools, supports, and families are proud of. 

The future is bright for everyone here at Kids Lacrosse The World. Thank you for your support.


Equipment donated in country


we examined our connection between female lacrosse student athletes in the uSA and malaysian borneo...


Hear from one of our student athletes in Malaysian Borneo... 


Bob's Story

a few days into our lacrosse clinic at the Butula Hekima Academy school director bob lawli took initiative in fostering the student based program and has led our efforts on the ground in kenya to lead our student athletes. Since, he has brought numerous students to regional COMPETITIONS to showcase the efforts of the lacrosse community in butula.   

Thank you