Postmark from the students of Ranau

The cars zoomed by and I closed the door, unbuttoned my coat and laid my keys down on the table. The air is bitter today and it hasn't snowed in weeks - cool days are followed by cold nights and the doldrums of Denver carry on. The computer fires up and I go to work, sorting through mail from the past few days. I come across a USPS package from Kelly Case, our english teacher from the SMK Mat Salleh school in Ranau. Immediately the room feels warmer and I can hear the sounds of the kids playing and yelling on the school main grass field. We are playing lacrosse and having fun.  

Abigail, a successful student at the school has been an integral part of the Ranau Lacrosse Project and she wrote this letter to Kids Lacrosse The World, addressed "coach".  

As if the excitement of lacrosse in Borneo wasn't enough, being able to see the impact months later can really get us stoked for our return. With plans to create another program at SMK Ranau this April during spring break the wheels are in motion to being planning and developing a guideline for Malaysia youth lacrosse and what our impact can really be.  


The donations and gifts given to Kids Lacrosse The World thus far have helped Abigail and students like her not only in Borneo but in the mainland of Malaysia, such as the on going clinics and development in Kuala Lumpur with the Malaysian Lacrosse Association.  The relationship that can be built in short time with these students and their communities is ever lasting and something to cherish.  

Onwards and upwards with the Ranau Lacrosse Project! Get Involved!

- Elliott 


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