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Kenya Kids Lacrosse -

  • Butula Hekima School C30 Butula Kenya (map)

Booom! 2016 brings a new year and amazing new experiences. We are pleased to announce our inaugural trip to Kenya, Africa to create our African based youth lacrosse program at the Butula Hekima Academy in Busia County, Kenya.  This remote region in the Western Province of Kenya serves as a major trade and commerce hub with neighboring Uganda.

At the Butula Hekima Academy in Butula, our mission is to create and establish the first structured youth lacrosse program of it's kind in Kenya.  We will spend countless hours and days with the 240+ students teaching them about the game of lacrosse and what it represents.  Along with this we aim to positively impact our students through educational and team building activities, mentorship, and family/community involvement.  While there we will stay on the school campus allowing us to build and develop relationships with our students and their families.  In the middle of our trip we will host a Community Festival to celebrate the students and their families as well as the role of community and school members for all they do to help create a better future for the youth in Butula.  The festival will highlight a lacrosse demonstration by the students themselves, fun activities, a communal meal prepared by Kids Lacrosse The World, sponsoring local organizations, and singing/dancing.  

We want to leave a lasting impact on our students, promoting health and wellness as well as encouraging a sense of community and betterment.  The program will sustain itself by involvement students to participate in lacrosse weekly including english development, team building exercises and community involvement.  The Butula Hekima Academy lacrosse program is a start to a bright future for youth lacrosse in Kenya.