Kenya, Africa

JUNE 2016

The Busia Lacrosse Club, established this May is located in Butula, Kenya along the western border of Uganda. Butula sits nestled above sea level at 4317ft in the region of Busia known for its sugar plantations. Our lacrosse program was is primarily at the Butula Hekima Academy, a small private school made up mostly of orphan students. The program is made up of 200 students with ages from 5 - 15 playing on a daily basis.  Students participate in organized lacrosse practices and activities a few times a week coached by Oscar Oyosa who is a grade 3 teacher at the school. Oscar and the other teachers continue to offer positive influence in promoting the development of sport at the school with lacrosse and other physical activities such as relay races, games, lacrosse dances, and so on.   


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January 2016

In late December KLTW Founder Elliott Couch sat at a quiet table eating lunch when Ansi Lawali took a seat next to him. Lawali began talking about his flight that night to Nairobi, Kenya to visit his brother and family.  They quickly introduced each other and realized that they had something in common, helping others in Kenya.

This May we will travel to Busia, Kenya to create a youth lacrosse program for the Butula Hekima Academy in Busia County on the outskirts of Kenya.  The school is a beautiful learning place set in the magnificent western landscape of Kenya, flanked by Uganda to the north.  

The lacrosse program will impact & benefit while being completely sustainable by providing the education and tools for the academy to integrate the program into its school structure.  We will teach lacrosse to 100+ boys and 100+ girls, from the ages 5-15 to promote healthy living habits and grow the game.  Through the sport the students will be immersed in teamwork, health, exercise, discipline, self development, and community leadership.     

Africa is an amazing place any way you look at it.  A vast land full of beauty and spirit, we here have so much to gain by giving what we can to this land.  We pride ourselves on serving the communities we touch by working diligently to motivate and develop meaning relationships with the students and families, spending as much time with them and being someone they can look up to.  With lacrosse, we will provide a sense of belonging and pride that the students can rally around and push them to become stewards of their own lives.  This is KLTW in Kenya.

“Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another.”
– Kenny Ausubel