Malaysian, Borneo

Sabah, Malaysia, located on Malaysian Borneo, is known for it vast beauty of coast line and rainforests. In the heart of Sabah lies the small town of Ranau. Ranau is famous for its cooler weather, vegetables and being home to the highest point in South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu.

As a teacher at the oldest school in Ranau, SMK Mat Salleh, Kelly Case has discovered a vibrant and motivated community of about 1,700 students all with various talents and interests. After spending five months teaching and living in Ranau, Kelly has truly gotten to know her students through the classroom and co-curricular activities. Co-curriculuar activities are very important to the teachers and students of SMK Mat Salleh and a big part of everyday life at school. Many of the competitions for sports and clubs take place early in the year and co-curriculars begin to fade as the school year continues. Bringing lacrosse to SMK Mat Salleh will  instill a new sense of motivation in the school and a renewed idea of commitment.

The children of SMK Mat Salleh are enthralled with meeting new people and learning new activities. With both their athletic ability, willingness to learn and curiosity the game of lacrosse would bring new skills, both athletically and intellectually, as well as a strong sense of team building.

Kids Lacrosse The World seeks to achieve two major goals during our time in Ranau.  First, to provide a base education for the school teachers, leaders, and students about lacrosse which in turn can provide sustainable growth for the sport at SMK Mat Salleh.  Second, with SMK being the first pubic school with lacrosse incorporated into it's curriculum in Malaysia, we want to create region wide competition involving other schools in Sabah.  Along with this, we will provide the equipment and training necessary to Kelly to allow her to successfully run her lacrosse program at SMK while fulfilling her duties as an Fulbright English Teacher Assistant.  With the addition of lacrosse we expect the children of Ranau and the entire State of Sabah to grow and gain a new sense of sport and teamwork which will help them develop critical skills useful further in life.  

as someone who had lacrosse enrich my life at a young age, I’m ecstatic to share this passion with my students to help them grow
— Kelly Case